Temperature and Humidity in the Compost

Temperature and Humidity

Treating the soil is a natural cycle that is performed by microorganisms (growths, microbes, and so on..) And other bigger life forms (worms, little creepy crawlies, etc.).. The movement of the organizations, would bring the temperature of the material arriving at high qualities ought not surpass 65-70 ° C.

The cycle needs to perform three essential prerequisites: that the materials have a reasonable substance of wet and dry garbage, the blend has enough ventilation and that there is a sure measure of water during the beginning phases of the cycle.

On the off chance that these conditions ensure the cycle will begin regularly arriving at high temperatures from the start, at that point toward the finish of the cycle, room temperature.

It is essential to keep stickiness around 60% during the beginning phases of the cycle, since the creatures liable for decay of the materials require a specific water content for its movement.

During the fertilizing the soil cycle the temperature must be controlled. In the beginning phases of the cycle the temperature must arrive at values near 65 °C. Try not to surpass values more noteworthy in light of the fact that numerous creatures can pass on. To screen the temperature with a thermometer there a long cylinder (1 m) which tell the temperature inside. In the event that you don’t have a thermometer, we can put your hand to mention an immediate objective fact.

It is additionally important to control the stickiness so it doesn’t drop during the primary stage, 60%. This purpose of dampness resembles a wipe simply depleted.

Air circulation is accomplished by turning the material now and then. The landfill is performed when the temperature drops excessively low (under 30-40 ° C), so that once the landfill, the temperature goes up to qualities near 50-60 ° C. The more we turn further quicken the cycle, notwithstanding, turning each 15 or 30 days can be sufficient to deal with four to a half year.

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